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FFC / FPC connectors

FFC / FPC connectorsASSMANN WSW components offers a full range of FFC/FPC connectors including all common pitches 0.30mm, 0.50mm, 1.00mm, 1.25mm and 2.54mm. In addition to the chosen FFC/FPC connectors ASSMANN WSW components as a system supplier is further offering the fully compatible FFC/FPC cable, which is designed and produced in the same factory. In the early 1970's these kind of connectors had been developed as a pcb space saving and low weight alternative to existing standard Board to Board and Board to Wire connector systems. During the past years FFC/FPC connectors design has been under continuous evaluation and design improvements have been done to adapt as much as possible varieties of applications. Effects of these improvements became significant for smaller pitches, connector heights and different ejector designs. FFC/FPC connectors are usable in every end user market, whether it is the telecommunication, automotive, instrumentation, medicine or industrial applications. FFC/FPC connectors are commonly used together with a Flat Flexible Cable or a Flat Printed Cable as for applications which do need a very flexible connection between two Boards or Board and I/O. The connection between connector and cable is made in line with the chosen style of the connector, whether it is a connector with LowInsertionForce and/or with ZeroInsertionForce design. These kinds of connections do combine the advantages of high integration, low height style and fully automatic assembly. Highlights are the so called "One-Touch-Lock" versions based on 0.30 mm and 0.50mm pitch, which save a second working step by easy closure of the ejector.
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