ASSMANN WSW components Ltd. - China

The continuous cost pressure of the customers on Asian production is the same, as in the rest of the world. In the past, electromechanical products have been designed and produced in Taiwan, but for some years now, the Taiwanese management started to transfer their manufacturing facilities to China. Today, this trend is ongoing and a lot of Taiwanese companies do manufacture their products in China. More and more, we can see local management manufacturing electromechanical products in China.

Chinese employees of ASSMANN WSW components Limited control and manage the manufacturing of the ASSMANN WSW components products within the production base. This includes Product Marketing- and Development work, technical support for the manufacturing units and very important for the more and more complex products, continuous quality control of production and the end products at the factory. Further to this, the complete control of the logistics is part of the ASSMANN WSW components employees work. The location of the office in the south of China, Dong Guan Chang An town, as a centralized location has been chosen. This location ensures, that a on time coordination of all requirements is possible.


ASSMANN WSW components Ltd.
(Branch Office)

Room 3A, Jin Lian Xuan,
Lotus Plaza, No.126,
De Zheng Zhong RD.
Changan Town, Dongguan City
Guangdong 523847, China
Tel.: +86 (769) 8 542 620-1
Fax: +86 (769) 8 542 620-0