Technical competence, flexibility towards changing markets and promptness are the engine of ASSMANN WSW components with regard to fulfillment of the requirements of our customers. Quality as well as environmental and social responsibility and successful economize are no contrast for us, but requirements of today, each for its own and also in interaction. Our premise is continuous success with the long lasting development of the company, based on long term partnership with our customers. These targets have formed the long term history of our company. In the past and today activities are related to industry, telecommunication, automotive and distribution. We are the partner, who is offering together with our long-standing employees products and services all around the electromechanical and the thermal management, which leads your application to success in competition to quality, technique and price. Our task is to convert a specific customer tailored strategy into our global plants. To provide these services and products everywhere logistical - fast and flexible is the target and consequence of our proven logistic system. Not stagnant, but development of core competence is the impulsion of our business.