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The product range on standard- and customer tailored connectors of ASSMANN WSW components not only convincing by the major variety of different products for so many different applications, but as well by offering appropriate quality, technology and prices in line with market requirements. The big number of standard products, which have been adopted to customer specific requirements and the continuous extension of the product range with new customer tailored connector-systems, show clearly, how important terms like 'flexibility' and 'customer relation' are for ASSMANN WSW components and their success on the market.

ASSMANN WSW components do offer more than 40 years of experience with heat sinks. Due to being a pioneer in this market a major range on standard- and customer tailored products and press tools for the cooling of active components are available to the customers. The manufacturing of profiled heat sinks in Slovakia, the development of new customer-, and market tailored heat sinks, the assembly services around heat sinks and the high quality level show the future related orientation of ASSMANN WSW components for these products. Continuous investment into modern production equipment becomes a further advantage for the customers.

For ASSMANN WSW components, as manufacturer and system supplier of connectors and heat sinks, it was a quick decision, not only to assemble ASSMANN WSW components owned connectors in Asia. Therefore the Know-How has been transferred as well to our manufacturing location in Slovakia. For many years now, ASSMANN WSW components do assemble cables and connectors, as well using connectors from other manufacturers, in Asia and Slovakia. The choice of our manufacturing locations do ensure long term, not caring whether we are talking about manual or fully automatic production steps, that pricing will be in line with the expected market price levels.

ASSMANN WSW components group strategically targets customer tailored developments and manufacturing as this will inf l uence the future market trends for their core products. Therefore the main focus is the availability of all needed capabilities to be able to satisfy the market requirements for customer tailored products. This means for the ASSMANN WSW components group the capability to modify standards according to customer requirements and the capability to develop and design customer tailored connector systems, cables assemblies and heat sinks. All these capabilities are based on the availability of tool shops for stamping-, molding- and assembly tools.