Vertical integration

Develoment and Design

ASSMANN WSW components group offers the complete spectrum of design- and development knowledge, which is needed to fulfill today´s and future product requirements for industrial connectors, heat sinks and cable assemblies. Every design process considers latest valid norms and quality requirements as well as the customer specific product requirements. The complete process is performed in the shortest possible time frame based on highly competitive costs. 

Customer specific connectors are developed and designed in close cooperation with the customer, close to the final application. Design engineers develop and construct first proposals by creating 3D models, which are then transferred to CAD using common software, e.g: AutoCAD, Pro E, Catia etc. The customer receives the CAD drawing in exchange up to the later 2D drawing and corresponding 3D model animation. For customized connectors, corresponding feasibility studies, FMEA (product and process FMEAs) are created. The finished product is sampled accordingly using measurement reports and EMPB documents until the final release for series production.




Tooling construction/tooling shop

Based on the finalization of the design development of the end product by CAD and corresponding 3D models ASSMANN WSW components receives the approval to start the manufacturing of the tooling. 

The partner companies for the production of connectors of the ASSMANN WSW components group in Asia all have their own tool shop for stamping, injection moulding and assembly tools. The corresponding tools are developed, designed, manufactured and revised there. For this purpose tooling machines from Europe and Japan are used. Modern wire and spark erosion centers as well as CNC, drilling and milling centers are available for processing the tool inserts. Despite all the automation, the production of tools is a wage-intensive and therefore expensive business. Here the local wage advantage provides our customers with significant cost advantages with comparable quality. In addition, the availability of a large number of qualified personnel reduces the time required for tool production. The testing of the tools can be carried out immediately in the associated production.

ASSMANN WSW components tools are high quality tools and are very competitive.

Manufacturing Asia/Slovakia

ASSMANN WSW components produce connectors based on aligned manufacturing units in Asia. The products are manufactured out of ASSMANN WSW owned tools and all process steps are controlled locally by ASSMANN WSW employees. The capabilities include overmolding of cables and connectors and the production of cables assemblies by use of competitor connector products as well in various UL certified manufacturing locations in China and Slovakia. The manufacturing location in Slovakia is additionally manufacturing aluminium profiled heat sinks.

"Surfaces made to measure" is the motto here and thus also the requirement for us to offer a surface suitable for the application. Over-specification of the layer thicknesses and the creation of safety depots, as still absolutely common in the 70s, is not our goal from today's point of view, as raw materials are becoming more and more expensive and the demand for cost reduction is becoming more and more important. The exact analysis of the requirements that really have to be fulfilled is our concern. In Asia only a few specialized companies have the license to maintain an electroplating shop. All connector manufacturers work together with these external specialists in order to obtain an optimal galvanic surface.  The quantitative concentration of contacts to be electroplated at these companies enables absolutely competitive prices for all common surfaces.

The "marriage", the merging of plug contacts into an insulating body, is another cost factor in the list of total costs, which in Asia not so many years ago was almost exclusively done manually. The ASSMANN WSW components group has influenced its partners at an early stage to achieve a constant quality, but also to have traceable, testable processes to reduce the degree of automation to the desired quantities. This way the competitive advantage will be maintained also in the future. In order to be able to provide our customers with small and medium quantities, manual and semi-automatic assembly will of course remain an important instrument.  The right degree of automation for every quantity.

Product quality

The ASSMANN WSW components group started their activities with the internal commitment, to produce only high quality products in Asia to be able to establish themselves long term on the industrial market. All production plants, whether in Asia or Eastern Europe, in which our products are manufactured, have at least ISO9001 certification. A large number of them are also certified according to ISO TS16949 or IATF16949. Production according to UL standards is already available for the majority of our products. The fulfillment of the "zero defect target" is the general goal of ASSMANN WSW.    


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