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ASSMANN WSW components, manufacturer of standard and customized heatsinks offers fingershaped and small heatsinks as an efficient and low cost solution for small amounts of heat to be dissipated. Corresponding applications can be found in nearly every end user market, whether it is the industrial-, telecom-, computer-, consumer market or the automotive industry. learn more


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Finger- & small heatsinks

Finger-shaped and small heatsinks are designed into applications with a request of above 16K/W thermal resistance. Finger-shaped and small heatsinks have a major advantage due to their design and size, which is saving board space. Active components are directly screwed or bonded onto the heatsink. Finger-shaped and small heatsinks are available based on a horizontal or vertical design. The vertical heatsink design has the further advantage to be equipped optionally with solder pins to stabilize during the assembly process and enable the product to be soldered on the board at the same time. For finger-shaped and small heatsinks different surfaces in tinned or black anodised can be chosen. The ASSMANN WSW components program will be completed by the so called "D Pak heatsinks", which are stamped out of pre-tinned copper instead of the normally used aluminium band material. As a result of the different base material the heat conductivity increases. D-Pak-heatsinks can be used for the reflow soldering process and are available for pick and place handling out of tape & reel packaging.

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