ASSMANN WSW components k.s.

ASSMANN WSW components Slovakia has been established in 2005 as manufacturing location for profile heat sinks, cable harnesses and assemblies and is located in the industrial park of a town named Partizanske in the south of Slovakia, where the rivers Nitric and Nitra are coming together.

In 2005, the shareholders of ASSMANN WSW components GmbH decided to transfer the former manufacturing plant for profiled heat sinks from Iserlohn in Germany. This decision had been made in front of two reasons.

The first reason was, that the east - european labour cost level should ensure a long term competitiveness and the second reason was to develop East - Europe as well as customer base for heat sinks. Due to a lot of requests from our customer side, it has been decided to extent the product mix in this plant on customer tailored cable harnesses and started with customer specific assemblies.

Today, ASSMANN WSW components k.s. do have following machines in operation, as there are aluminium sawing machines, many different fully automatic CNC milling and drilling automats and several deburring machines. Within the cable harness production fully automatic KOMAX machines, several crimp, cable cut - and stripping machines and a lot of specialized test equipment is in use.

ASSMANN WSW components k.s.
Zahradnicka 1135
SK-95803 Partizanske
Tel.: +421 (3874) 7 141-5
Fax: +421 (3874) 7 141-6
ASSMANN WSW |components k.s.

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AddressASSMANN WSW components k.s.
Zahradnicka 1135
SK-95803 Partizanske

Phone +421 (3874) 7 141-5
Fax +421 (3874) 7 141-6

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