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DIN 41612 (DIN EN 60603-2) connectors for printed circuits of ASSMANN WSW components have been developed as connectors component for 19" inch systems with a contact pitch of 2.54mm. Today, this connector family is well-known and still used on high volume applications due to the full range of products and the wide range of available pin counts. learn more


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DIN 41612

Key characteristics of this DIN 41612 product range are high reliability and the availability many different contact technologies eg. : THT, Wire-Wrap and Press-fit. Typical applications for this connector system are to be found in the field of industry, telecom, medicine, military, trains, measurement and instrumentation, automation, control devices, aerospace and computers and many other areas. ASSMANN WSW components offers the complete range of DIN 41612 connectors like style B, B1/2, C, C1/2, R,R1/2, Q, Q1/2 and style M. Beside standard products ASSMANN WSW components deliver a variety of custom specific solutions, customer specific contact loadings, high temperature insulators and board locks. The design of the press-fit contacts is based on the well-known "eye of the needle" - design. ASSMANN WSW components also the traditionally DIN 41617 connectors based on 2.50mm contact pitch. Known as the forerunner of the DIN 41612, this connector system still shows a solid robustness and is used in today applications. These connectors can be delivered in three different pin counts as there are 13, 21, and 31 contacts, as male and/or female connector. The commonly used plating is based on silver surface.

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