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ASSMANN WSW components Powerinlets are commonly named 'standard plugs', which are connected directly with the device. learn more


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Power supply

Powerinlets and the corresponding power outlets are country wise standardized, which require, if the product is sold into a foreign country the chosen in- and outlet style has to correspond with the country specific standard. To ensure that the correct style is chosen, specific requirements have to specified in advance. Furthermore, for the final specification of the product, additional features have to be specified in terms of the correct current rating, the ground contact and the temperature resistance. Powerinlets shown within the following catalogue pages are called 'cold device inlets'. Those 'cold device inlets' are only used in applications or devices, which have low operating temperature e.g. computer, peripheral devices, etc. For such applications the maximum temperature is limited by maximum 70°C and a maximum current rating of 10A. Due to outer design of the 'cold device inlets' and for safety reasons a con- nection to devices with a higher specified temperature is not possible.

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