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DVI (Digital Visual Interface) - connectors from ASSMANN WSW components have been developed as a Video Interface Standard to transfer digital data and do substitute more and more the analog VGA interface connectors. learn more


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DVI connector
DVI connector
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DVI connectors fulfill the higher optical quality request of digital display devices, LCD-TV-, LCD- computer applications and digital projectors. Typical applications, as e.g. the above mentioned devices will be found in the computer-, audio-, video- and telecommunication markets. The product design of the DVI interface connection avoid misconnection by pushing into a wrong direction and protects the contacts by the typical, well-known metal collar. The connectors are available as THT- and assembly version and offer up to 29 pins maximum. A full loaded connector is divided into a 24 pin block + 4 pin block + 1 pin. Various accessories can be chosen, as there metal- and plastic covers available and special screws for fixing the connector to the housing.

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