CPU Stanzkühlkörper

The newly developed stamped CPU heat sinks from ASSMANN WSW is a combination of “cross cut” and “finger-shaped” heat sinks.


Optimized heat sink structure in order to improve thermal management


Aluminum alloy in different material thicknesses

Mounting options:

Push pin: All stamped holes in the base plate can be used for this option

Solder pin: Pressed solder pins can be used to attach onto the PCB

Thermal tape: Acc. to the application, tapes can be shipped separately

Adhesive: Direct bonding of the heat sink onto the component



By modification of the tool, customized notches can be established. This offers further possibilities: The heat sink can be mounted next to other electronic components, without stressing each other due to space problems and without compromising the overall size of the heat sink. ASSMANN WSW do offer product innovations based on custom tailored specification. Please just let us know your requirements. 

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