ASSMANN WSW components group is well-known as system – supplier for connectors and offers a broad range of standard and customized connectors, which are mainly produced in Asia. The products show are very favorable price – value relation, a competitive quality and correspond to latest state of the technology.

In times, if a Cent more or less is making the decision, whether an customer end product will be successfully been sold in the market or not, ASSMANN WSW components group made the decision against the “over-specification” of products and offers application corresponding products on application related prices to fight against price increases due to too high-sophisticated product specification. The products offered are chosen to cover minimum 90% of the industrial applications. Markets, like the military-, the automotive motor-management – or some special medical markets, which require very high-sophisticated products with very special technical requirements are not the target markets for these products.

ASSMANN WSW components group offers in addition to the broad range on standard connectors the capability to manufacture customized connector solutions. In close relation with the customers out of the industrial-, telecommunications- and the second tiers in the automotive fields ASSMANN WSW components group is designing and developing customized connector applications driven according to customer requirement.

Project management

The project management including feasibility studies, design proposals, drawings, FMEA, Cpk - Analysis and of course first part presentation including FSIR report, everything is provided by one partner.  In close relation with the customers from the industrial-, telecommunications- and the second tiers in the automotive fields ASSMANN WSW components group is designing and developing customized connector applications according to customer requirement. The guarantee to receive a connector product corresponding to the application relevant criteria is based on the longterm experiences the ASSMANN WSW components group have with the commonly developed performance of the related Asian manufacturing locations on the production of customized connectors. Short tooling times for stamp- and mold tools, in line with real competitive pricing and a perfect support in the design phase are further arguments for a longterm customer partnership. All of this is offered in front of the strategy and aim of the ASSMANN WSW components group to manage it to consolidate the requirements of the customer for a reliable quality, low costs and short lead times in a way, that an optimized productivity for the customer is reached later on, as well in series production. 

Product range

Tool-based development, construction and production of customer tailored connectors

Consulting: Technical field sales

Design: Development and construction according to customer requirements

Engineering: CAD software PRO E, CATIA, AutoCad and 3D prototypes available

Tooling: Tool design in Asia for stamp-, injection- and assembly-tools

Assembly: Manually, semi-automatic and full-automatic assembly according to demand

Plating: Contact plating according to specification, e.g.: nickel, tin, gold, palladium-nickel, etc.

Contact materials: Base material according to specification, e.g.: CuSn, CuZn, CuFe, etc.

Insulator materials: Insulator material according to requirements, e.g.: PBT, PA, LCP, Nylon, etc.

Packaging: Packaging according to assembly, e.g.: Tray, Tube, Tape & Reel, ESD packing, etc.

Manufacturing: Production of the tools and products at related Asian manufacturing units with specific process Know-How

Qualification: According to worldwide approved quality targets

Modifications: Customized modification of tools for standard connectors

Advantages: Short lead time for tools, reduced cost on tooling compared to European cost levels

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