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USB type C

New standards for signal transmission

USB type C connectors have become indispensable in today‘s world and build an interface for energy and data transmission in a broad range of applications and areas of use.

Thermal foils

Improved heat transmission and cooling of the overall system

Battery connector

PCB connectors for coin cells and Mignon batteries.


ASSMANN WSW supplies a wide range of standard cable assemblies from stock and specializes in the production of customized cable assemblies based on common industry standards.

COVID-19 impact stament status 08/2020

ASSMANN WSW components group, a worldwide system supplier for connectors, heat sinks and cable assemblies, produced in Taiwan, China and Slovakia, herewith wants to give our customers and distributors a generel update on potential impacts caused by COVID-19 on the production and supply chain of ASSMANN WSW components products, following our last infomration, dated April 21st, 2020.

SSM die-cast

ASSMANN WSW extends the product portfolio of die casting process by introducing the State-of-the-Art of SSM - hybrid process which combines advantages of the casting and forging process. Products produced by semi-solid thixotropic alloys have very low air inclusions, high strength and toughness. SEMI SOLID METAL (SSM) aluminum components are also heat treatable, weldable and pressure tight.

Circular Connector

ASSMANN WSW extended their product portfolio of connectors by introducing an extensive range of circular connectors. The configurations are available in M8, M12 shell size; A, B, D, X codings; straight and right-angle; boardmount and cable terminated options to meet the full system design needs.

"Pogo Pin" connectors

ASSMANN WSW extended their product portfolio of connectors by introducing the spring-loaded contacts that are also called Pogo Pins. We offer spring-loaded contacts that are highly durable, have reliable and quickly detachable electrical connections and up to 1 million mating cycles. They are ideal for applications that require high mating cycles and durability, such as quality inspection, cash register systems, ATMs, batteries and chargers of portable and mobile devices.

USB 3.1 Typ C - 180° Version

ASSMANN WSW extended their portfolio of USB 3.1 type C connectors by a 180° top mount article design. This design enables vertical mounting on printed circuit boards and offers new solutions for individual design requirements.

New products Thermal Management

ASSMANN WSW extended their product portfolio of attachable-, finger- & small heatsinks by additional standard parts. Typical applications are the cooling of semiconductor components with low power heat losses in TO-220 and TO-247 packages

USB 3.1 cable assemblies with PD-function

ASSMANN WSW extended their product portfolio of USB cable assemblies by an USB 3.1 Type C cable in various versions.

USB 3.0 cable assemblies with flanch

ASSMANN WSW extended their product portfolio of USB cable assemblies by an USB 3.0 cable with an universal mountable overmolded flange-system. This mounting type allows a very easy and safe installation on variable types of housings.

LED - conenctor system

The new connector system simplifiesfield installation–Designed for lightning applications.

USB 3.1 Type C

ASSMANN WSW components, a worldwide manufacturer and system-supplier of standard- and customer-tailored connectors, cable assemblies, heat sinks and assemblage services with more than 45 years of experience in the connector and heat sink market. ASSMANN WSW components is extending the product range with the introduction of USB 3.1 Type C connector series.

Traceability of our products

Traceability by introduction of an individual lot number

ASSMANN WSW group has globally introduced a continuous and IT system controlled production lot number to ensure 100% traceability. By introduction of this new lot number, the extensive and time-consuming process of manually retracing products by date code has become obsolete.

SMD- & copper heatsinks

The port folio of Fingershaped - & small heatsinks will be expanded by additional stamped heat sinks and the product group „SMD- & Copper heatsinks”.

LED Board to Board connector system

ASSMANN WSW components GmbH well known as a worldwide system supplier for standard and customer tailored connectors presents the new miniature Board-to-Board system. Concept: SMD contacts (tape&reel packaging) are soldered on the PCB. The connector is pluged by easiest top-down assembly. The connection is ready.

CPU stamped heatsinks

ASSMANN WSW extended their product portfolio of thermal management by introducing the stamped CPU heat sinks. The traditional “cross cut” and “pin fin” CPU heat sinks, which have been successfully established and improved over several years at ASSMANN WSW. This is a result of numerous designs, which have been implemented for specific customer requirements.

Important Information!

Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

The actual events in Japan have no current impact to ASSMANN WSW components GmbH freight or shipment situation. All shipments are moving through the normal freight channels without any delay.

Since our factories are located in China & Slovakia, the production is ongoing as usual.

UL - certification

UL - certification for cables assembly

ASSMANN WSW components GmbH, system supplier for standard- and customized connectors, profiled heat sinks and wiring harnesses, has received UL - certification as manufacturer of wiring harnesses according to UL ( Underwriter Labratories ).

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