The ASSMANN WSW components group is readily available to manufacture customer tailored heat sink solutions.  We offer a variety of solutions for industrial, telecom, medical and automotive customers. ASSMANN WSW components develops custom tailored heat sinks according to customer requirements and application.  Our customized process starts with the layout of the heat sink by a thermal calculation based on analyzing the referred application. The results are used within the sample production and are followed by adjustments until specifications are met.  Then the series production starts for a sophisticated highly customized heat sink. Your custom tailored heat sinks produced offer short logistical lead times and cost competitiveness, while managing the complexities of creating, developing and manufacturing your customized heat sink.  You/your company have the choice out of a vast range of existing profiles for your application, design and production. As added value, ASSMANN WSW components offers a customized treatment tailored to your needs for your final profile. This includes the sawing of the heat sink and the CNC machine treatment by milling, drilling holes and threads, turning or polishing. To give the heat sink its final surface the ASSMANN WSW group offers the anodization for standard - and décor. By standard Al Mg Si 0,5 F22 materials are used, but different alloys are available.

Product range

Product line: Customer tailored profiles (based on customer tailored press tools)

Thermal resistance: Depending on the chosen product and profile

Connection technology: Screws, Clamps, Adhesive, THT, SMD

Connection direction: 180°

Surface: Anodized, tinned, untreated

Material: AL6063, AL6060, AL1050, AL1052, AL5052

Packaging: Polybag, tray, carton, T&R

Special: Special decor surfaces available

Manufacturing: Manufacturing of profile heat sinks within the ASSMANN WSW manufacturing location in Slovakia based on Eastern- European cost levels

Advantages: Large range of profile press tools available, project management in Germany, competitive manufacturing, long term product experience

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