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USB connectors from ASSMANN WSW components are polarised connectors, which are loaded with 4 contacts. Various applications for these type of I/O or interface connector do exist, but primarily you will find these type of I/O connector in the EDP and computer accessory market, as well as in the consumer market, e g .: designed into photo devices (digital cameras and accessories). learn more


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IEEE 1394

Beside some customer special connectors, designed for dedicated, very specific applications, the standard styles A according to DIN IEC 61076-3-107 and B according to DIN IEC 61076-3-108 are available of the shelf. For applications with reduced available space ASSMANN WSW components recommends to use MINI-USB connectors. The product range does include different product designs with 4 or 5 contacts. Furthermore ASSMANN WSW components offers an USB connector -12V and USB connector -24V for industrial applications. IEEE 1394 connectors from ASSMANN WSW components are based on the original USB connector design, but can be seen as an advanced technology. IEEE 1394 interface connectors are predominantly used for fast data exchange processes between computers and their peripheral devices, but do apply as well to other industrial and automotive applications. Standard contact types are THT and SMT. Certainly ASSMANN WSW components do offer out of the wide range of products a suitable mating half cable connector as a counterpart to the above mentioned PCB connectors.

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