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In line with the increasing usage of memory cards as an exchangeable medium within different applications for various devices, ASSMANN WSW components extended its connector product range by memory card connectors. learn more


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Memory Card connector

As already mentioned there are various applications, in the past driven by the computer industry, which are using memory cards as well in their end products, eg.: mobile devices in the telecom, digital camera industry, navigation devices within the car and last but not least the consumer industry, etc. Multimedia Card connectors (MMC) with 7 contacts, an international standard due to the fixed dimensions of the card, are offered by ASSMANN WSW components with ejector or w/o ejector. SD-Card connectors (SD) with 9 contacts, as well an international standard, with and w/o ejector and alternatively available the reverse type. SIM Card connectors (SIM) with 6 contacts and optional 2 additional switching contacts are part of the product range. Already available for some years are different types of the 68 ways PCMCIA connector, consisting out of the 68 ways connector itself and a plastic frame . Different stand-off versions can be offered including ejectors or w/o ejectors. Beside these standard versions ASSMANN WSW components is able to supply customized or modified memory card products. Furthermore single sided pressure contact connectors can be designed and manufactured according to a customer specific requirement based on customer dedicated insulator- and contact dies. Such single sided pressure contact connectors are mainly used as board to board connection on the base of direct contact to the pads on the board. If additional information is needed, please contact your sales office.

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