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Dieter Braun GmbH, specialist and solution provider for cable assemblies and lighting technology are facing a crucial development: The Holding of the enterprise, Braun Group GmbH, acquires the ASSMANN WSW Group (“ASSMANN WSW”, and thus positions itself more broadly in many aspects. This applies to the product portfolio, competences as well as geographical presence.

Until now, Dieter Braun GmbH ( found their industrial customers mainly within the automotive industry. Products are being used in electromechanical modules, e.g. to connect switches in a multifunctional steering wheel or for lighting of such modules.

Entering this recently agreed acquisition, the Group completes their product portfolio by adding connectors and thermal management which are already being supplied by system supplier ASSMANN WSW, who are mainly supplying to industrial customers as well as distributors outside the automotive industry.

Furthermore, ASSMANN WSW will bring in the competence to develop and cater for customer-specific solutions.

While Dieter Braun GmbH has not yet specifically targeted the North American market, ASSMANN WSW has already established a sales organization and a well-developed distribution network, generating roughly 1/3 of the general turnover in the US market.

ASSMANN WSW is a family business headquartered in Luedenscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia).

Majority is being held by the Management, remaining shares are being held by the Assmann family.

Both Managing Partners, Bernd Weidenhammer and Frank Walter, will partake in the Braun Group.

Acquisition will come into force until end of July. Both parties have agreed not to disclose any details regarding purchasing price.

In 2021, Dieter Braun GmbH achieved a turnover of 79 million Euro, ASSMANN WSW will add another 22 million.

Besides the already mentioned sales structure in the US, ASSMANN WSW has a production plant in Slovakia, a subsidiary in China is in charge of organizing supply of important components as well as quality control.

Overall, ASSMANN WSW staff consists of 80 employees. In addition to the headquarters in Bayreuth, Dieter Braun GmbH is represented with production plants in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Mexico as well as China and currently employs around 1.400 people.

„ With this acquisition, we will position ourselves significantly broader and sturdier, because we will diversify our sales market beyond the automotive industry” explained Dr. Andreas Brand, chairman of the Dieter Braun GmbH Management as a background for this transaction.

“We will benefit from the already established sales structure of our future sister company – near future goal is mutual growth in North America.”

Bernd Weidenhammer also emphasizes the potential to grow arising from this

transaction: “In this new constellation, we will in future be in the position to offer products to our North American customers that have been manufactured in Mexico and thus fulfill the demand for local production”, according to the ASSMAN WSW CEO. “Furthermore, we want to promote the capability in the field of cable assemblies of Dieter Braun GmbH among our European customers.”

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