Statement conflict Russia - Ukraine

The management and the employees of the ASSMANN WSW Group are very concerned about the unexpected war situation in Ukraine and the resulting suffering on the side of the soldiers and especially on the side of the millions of private persons who are affected. Our wishes and hopes for an early peace solution accompany the people of Ukraine.


This extremely critical, political situation between Russia and Ukraine will also have an impact on the current supply situation in many areas, also due to the sanctions imposed, primarily the exclusion from the SWIFT system, business relations with Russia will be fundamentally restricted.


Infront of this background, we would like to proactively inform you that our group does not procure any raw materials or products/components from Russia or Ukraine, nor do we maintain a production site in these countries.


For the procurement of pre-materials, we can confirm that no raw materials or products/ components from Russia and/ or Ukraine are used for the creation of ASSMANN WSW products. 


In the area of cable assembly at our site in Slovakia, we must reserve the right to restrict this confirmation, since due to the large number of supplier components, corresponding confirmations are not available from all component suppliers so far, but have been requested. In the event that this should unexpectedly be the case for individual components, we will of course inform the customer(s) concerned immediately and endeavor to find alternative solutions.


At the same time we can confirm that our logistics will not be handled via Russia or Ukraine. No transport routes through Russia or Ukraine are used.

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